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Pre-order Longchamp Planetes style June 10, 2010

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Price for Short handle

size S = 420RM (19 x 17 x 12 cms), Size M = 500RM* (25x25x17 cms)

Price for Long handle

size S = 500RM (25x25x14 cms), size M = 570RM* (31x30x19 cms)

*price has been changed due to Euro & GBP exchange rate, Longchamp increase price as material cost is higher as well.

List colour available

Python skin at Flap


9 Responses to “Pre-order Longchamp Planetes style”

  1. Julia Says:

    can i still pre order the beige planetes small, short handle?
    how much are you selling it?

  2. shoppingafterlanded Says:

    Yes u can place order.

    Small, short handle mentioned above 400RM

    Price exclude postage fee


  3. Zc Says:

    Do u still have gold m size planetes

  4. shoppingafterlanded Says:

    gold colour is no more producing

  5. eveline prisanti Says:

    hi there! i want the black large longchamp. how much it is in AU$? thanks

  6. Nurul Huda Says:

    send me quotation for this one too!
    I want the medium size, long handle, ebony colour

  7. Florabelle Suico Says:

    How much are the prices of longchamp?small size short handle?medium size handle with short handle and small handle? and long size short handle and long handle?pls give me the price in US dollars.Thanks

  8. Julia Says:

    hi, do u still have any planetes (small/medium size) with long/short handle in light color; eg clay or beige?

  9. Sheryl Says:

    Pls quote me the best price for LongChamp Planetes Small Short Handle: 19x17x12 cm (Black). Thanks.

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